Sommerretreat 27. juli - 3. aug. i Dalsland, Sverige

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Træning NÆRVÆR OG ESSENS starter 15. - 18. august 2019 i Kbh.

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Træning VIDERE MED HVOR KOMMER DU FRA? starter 26. - 29. sept 2019 i Kbh.

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Opstillinger fra Hjertet juni + okt. 2019 i Kbh.

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Easter retreat 
5 days in Dalsland, Sweden
March 23rd - 28th 2016

Take good care of your new beginnings 

The Easter Retreat is early this year, and before the spring really jumps forward, the retreat is a valuable possibility for a pullback to the clear and warmhearted field, we together create. With possibilities for relaxation and deepening into nature and yourself. Only to return with refreshed energy, clarity, direction and from here make your contribution into life. 

I am now taking care of the fact that the Swedish and Norwegian exchange rate is low compared to the Danish. I will therefore reduce my course price in this Easter Retreat from 2.800 DKK (3.570 SEK) to 2.900 SEK or 2.900 NOK! I hope it will make a difference for you, who wish to participate!!

The total price consists of 2 parts:
1. Course price with teaching NEW 2.900 SEK or NEW 2.900 NOK or 2.800 DKK

2. Room and board with accommodation in double rooms 2.700 SEK
(Room and board is paid separately at the course place)

See inspiring pictures !! (and get all information in Danish) in this link via Munonne

There is still room - will you come?

Taking good care of your new beginnings
Welcome to . . . . that which is to be found just under the surface pushing from within. That which awaits you whenever you find the time and rest to turn towards it and with softness and courage, open to the inner reality. Without you demanding to know all the steps and pathways into your new inner landscape.

In daily life it is easy to lose our inner connection. The Easter Retreat helps us to find our way into the presence of the stream of life, and to open to new depths, to go beyond our defenses and make ourselves ready for new steps.

A retreat is a withdrawal from everyday life, - where many experience that busy days thin out presence and integrity – for again getting the heart and the presence included in what we do.

The retreat form gives a special possibility for building a supporting united field, where inner investigation, meditation and light bodywork are stimulated by relaxing nature experiences and rest.

During the retreat we will create a climate for deepening and resting in presence. We will cultivate clarity of consciousness and the opening of the heart. When these qualities are present as an underlying current in us, it will add to our daily round a resonance of depth and meaning.

Every time we move in accordance with our deepest truth, it is an act of love for the greater in us. And it responds with inner guidance: subtle small certainties that show direction and the next step we are called to take in life. The more unconditionally we follow the small instructions inside, the clearer this “inner guide” talks to us and leads us home.

Instructions and training will be given in an easily understandable English. On some of the days there might be silence in the breaks.

There will be possibilities for walks along the lake Vestre Silen and in the forest and to a high point with view to Norway. 

The program of the day will include

  • Meditation, mindfulness and the opening of the heart.
  • Gayatri Mantra meditation.
  • Constellations from the Heart focusing on new beginnings. 
  • Inquiry into the next steps (exercises for investigation in couples).
  • Ritual for new beginnings.
  • Stress and tension releasing body exercises (TRE of David Berceli). The TRE exercises are for everybody. They are very supportive for the relaxation that is necessary for meditative states and inner deepening to unfold.
  • Plus to be embraced and held in the free Swedish nature with lakes, meadows, forest and the food made from the heart of our caring cook.

Schedule for the day 
07.30 – 08.30 Program
08.40 – 10.00 Breakfast
10.00 – 13.15 Program
13.15 – 16.30 Lunch and own time, walks at the lake and in the forest 
16.30 – 18.15 Program
18.30 – 19.45 Dinner
19.45 – 21.00 Program 

March 23rd (evening) – March 28th (13.00) 2016.

Arrival and departure
The retreat begins Wednesday March 23rd at 19.00, where the group will gather for course start. Arrival happens from approx. 16.00. You will be served a soup at arrival. The retreat ends Monday March 28th after lunch at 13.00.

Address of the retreat location
Björken 1, Gällnäs, 66 693 Gustavfors, Sverige. See more at retreat will take place in scenic Dalsland, in the middle of a silent, Swedish forest on the banks of Vestre Silen.

How to get there
The place is 180 km to the South of Oslo, 180 km to the North of Göteborg. Nearest town is Bengtsfors. Driving instruction will be forwarded.

Transportation with bus or train
From Oslo or Stockholm to Årjäng or Bengtsfors; from Copenhagen to Bengstfors. The course place can collect you at the bus station on arrival.

Double room with common toilet and bath. Bring own beddings and towel. Bedding can be rented for 100 SEK. Duvet and pillow are available. A few single rooms are available against extra fee 500 SEK.

The price consists of 2 parts
1. Course price teaching NEW SEK 2.900 or NEW 2.900 NOK or DKK 2.800.
2. Room and board SEK 2.750. The food is vegetarian.
Room and board is paid separately at the course place. 

Please direct your registration directly towards Naja via email or via the registration formular in Danish in this link

Number of participants: 14 Open for booking, still room for 5 more!

The Payment
1. The course price NEW SEK 2.900 or NEW 2.900 NOK or DKK 2.800 is paid directly to Naja Vita Nielsen, Danske Bank reg no. 4398 account no. 405695261. 
From Norway, Sweden and other countries: Danske Bank, IBAN: DK 3130005405695261. Swift kode: DABADKKK.

2. Room and board SEK 2.750 is paid cash on arrival directly to the course place in Gällnäs.

Your participation is secured by paying the full price course price 2.900 SEK or 2.900 NOK or 2.800 DKK to Naja Vita Nielsen. 

Cancellation policy
Deposit non-refundable if cancellation made within 3 weeks from the start of the retreat.

Teacher and meditation trainer
Naja Vita Nielsen

This link opens to a short video, showing the surroundings (in Easter).

This link opens to a new Photo flipbook from the retreatplace.

See photos, get a description in danish and a registration formular in this link via

Please contact me for further information, for booking and for a chat about your possibilities for participation.

Naja Vita Nielsen
Levende Nærvær

mobile +45 40 54 33 83
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Påskeretreatet er tidligt i år, og før foråret rigtig slår sig løs, er det en god mulighed for en tilbagetrækning
til det klare og hjertevarme felt, vi sammen skaber. Med mulighed  for at slappe af, fordybe sig i naturen
og i sig selv. For at vende tilbage med fornyede kræfter, afklaring og retning og bidrage herfra.

Der er stadig pladser – vil du med?


Jeg tager mig nu af det faktum, at den norske og den svenske valutakurs er blevet så lav i forhold til den danske.

Derfor er der på Påskeretreatet dispensation i kursusprisen for nordmænd og svenskere.